BoxyCharm Look #1

So I want to make this SUPER clear upfront, I am not a MUA! A make up enthusiast? Yes, Amateur? Yes lol I recently wrote about my first experience using BoxyCharm and why, if you haven’t read it please do!

I never got around to showing off the makeup itself on me. Before applying my foundation I used the Illuminating Face Oil by Wander Beauty. Did you know it’s shimmery pink? Kinda crazy, kinda cool, I really enjoyed plus it had a beautiful scent. Setting my face with the Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder was lovely, I didn’t feel cakey because it was very light weight AND it didn’t get all over my bathroom floor which happens to me a lot with other products.

I decided to use the Natural Goddess eyes shadow pallet by Butter London, all of the colors were to die for and the shade Femme Fatale (like a turquoise) kept calling my name. All of the shades are nicely pigmented but for me there was a lot of fall out. Still had no problems using the pallet

I used my very hot pink eyeshadow from Ace Beaute in the corners of my eyes. Truthfully I thought it was going to be a little lighter but still worked for me. I can definitely see myself doing my entire eye lid this color 🔮 I accentuated them with the Tarte – Big Ego Mascara.

I am extremely happy with the August BoxyCharm Box, can’t wait to keep using, exploring, and growing with this make-up. Check out more of my looks @ReadWriteThruMe and @NikkiNikkiNikki___ on Instagram 🥰💋💞

Oh! And by the way, MY NEXT BOX IS ALMOST HERE!


BoxyCharm BoxyLuxe

I’ve always been into make up and I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to it lol. I LOVE high end make-up, it’s what I splurge on but it’s definitely become a bit much. I started looking into other way’s to get the make-up quality I love with a better price for my budget, cause honey… I’m a single mommy of two who can’t keep spending money on her face!

I looked into IPSY and FabFitFun, but in the end I choose to subscribe to BoxyCharm. When looking through the months previous boxes (a tool that I love) I got to see the different brands and the actually products they put into each box. It’s was better than either of the other two PLUS, it guarantees I get full size products! That was definitely a winner for me

What through me off during the process was the shipping, I thought I would have to wait a minimum of 15 days to receive my boxes but I misread that guideline and got it in under a week. If your anything like me, you hate waiting and when you pay for something you want it now “ITS MY MONEY, AND I NEED IT NOW”

I’m going to continue my subscription and keep updating the success or mishaps I have with BoxyCharm but for NOW, I’m extremely impressed. We work hard for our money and I don’t feel cheated at all.

So here is my August 2k19 box: Natural Goddess Eyeshadow Palete by Butter London, Gaea 3 piece brush set, HYDRA-MIST & Refresh Powder by Becca (my fav), Wander – Glow ahead illuminating Oil (wowowow, I have wanted this), BigEgo Mascara by TARTE, Glimmer Shadow Duo by Ace Beaute (very new brand to me, I’m liking so far) and last but not least Hollywood N Vine – Velvety Touch Smooth Khol Eyeliner

So if you are interested in trying out BoxyCharm go for it and Use my referral 💋


Everything, Everything + The Sun Is Also A Star – boxed set book review!

My little sister had been bugging me to read Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon before the movie came out so I decided to finally buy it. I got a BEAUTIFUL deal on getting the boxed set of her first two novels for like 13 bucks (a steal).

Ive never seen covers of books more beautiful than both Everything, Everything and The Sun is Also A Star! Once you read the book the covers make even more sense and mean even more to me than they did before

I decided to read Everything, Everything first since it was the first book she wrote and I quickly became a fan, falling more and more in love with her conversational writing style with every line. Each character in her books are unique and tell the perfect story through their point of view.

Spoiler alert: Love is worth everything. Everything.

Madeline a 17 year old girl has lived the safest, serene life inside of her bubble of a house. Suffering from a severe combinded immunodeficiency, the bubble baby disease, she spends her day reading books, new and freshly packaged just for her (any book bloggers dream).

I’ve read more books than you. It doesn’t matter how many you’ve read. I’ve read more. believe me – Nicola Yoon, Everything, Everything

For a long time books are the only thing she needs, she is complete and satisfied. Until her life gets turned upside down when the new neighbors move in and she finds herself falling in love with a boy named Olly. Olly is relentless, Olly is real, he opens doors she never knew could be open. But the problem is once there open they can’t always be closed again.

I was happy before I met him. But I’m alive now, and those are not the same thing.

This story is such a refreshing twist on “bubble boy” and Im happy it’s not another sad sick teen dying novel, but more of a coming-of-age romance. The ending will knock you on your a$$! lol

4.5 stars 🌟 🌟🌟🌟

The only thing I really didn’t care for was that it felt like a book that was made for a movie. That sounds weird right? But when you read it you’ll understand, each page could have been called “act 1” “scene 2”

Still this book is definitely worth the read!!!

On to The Sun is Also A Star,


This is my favorite of the two, a full 5 stars for me here. It’s honestly just because this storyline was deep on so many aspects, Fate and forgiveness is a constant concept in both books and I’ve never wondered more about my “divine plan” and what love means to me more than when I read this book.

Natasha is soon to be deported (this is not even a spoiler, trust me) and she is fighting to find a way to keep her and her family from going back to their homeland of Jamaica. She does not believe in fate, destiny, or divine plans by an unspeakable force. She believes is facts and science, love is the last thing on her list.

Daniel’s waiting for fate to kick in and change his destiny. His parents expect him to go to Yale and become a doctor. His artistic souls speaks for something more fulfilling. Korean heritage runs deep through their veins and since “perfect son number 1” doesn’t want to follow it, they expect Daniel too. The world gives him what he ask for, a sign, and the sign is Natasha.

I know there’s no such thing as meant-to-be, and yet here I am wondering if maybe I’ve been wrong. – Nicola Yoon The Sun Is Also A Star

Ugh. This story. Spoke to me. Not only does Nicola Yoon take you on an epic adventure she slowly makes you fall in love with EVERYONE. Her writing is the same with both books, short chapters full of bliss and detail. I absolutely love her breakdowns of a characters emotion. Not only this but she gives a point of view FROM the emotions. What Fate has to say, what the Future has to say, even the past, it is simply brilliant.

I am anxiously waiting for this movie to premiere I will be pre-ordering tickets! But I hope you get a chance to read the book before hand and love them just as much as I did

P.s – this book has Quotable sayings for DAYS! it was really hard trying to pick my favorites to put in this review without overdoing it 🤣

Survive The Night – by Danielle Vega : BOOK REVIEW!

I had to find what books I liked inside the YA genre since it is pretty broad. I love a teen coming-of-age love story and teens getting murdered with a little bit of sci-fi action. Therefore I love Danielle Vega ! She satisfies all of that and more.

We’ve all heard stories of the sewers. They’re never sweet and usually makes you think twice about flushing a pet down the toilet drain. Casey, Shana, Sam, Julie, Woody, and Aya find a sewer monster like no other. Now they have to firgue a way out and fast before another friend dies.

Casey, fresh out of rehab, desperate to shed herself of her new identity of being a pill popping junkie, dives back into her friends arms. The not so good friends who convince her she doesn’t have a problem. As they journey through the night finding fun, daring things to do they land in a private rave, Survive The Night Rave. She knows she shouldn’t go but her ex boyfriend Sam will be there and there’s is nothing she wants more that to reconcile their relationship. Now they must literally try to Survive the night from the monsters that lurk below.

The book was good.. You really have to tap into your imaginative side to enjoy it, which I can. The concept of the lurking monsters was amazing but it felt soo rushed and I had so many questions! Still, the suspense was uncanning at times, and although I may never know what the creature was, I have a vivid assumption in my head and it it’s terrifying.

I watch in horror as sharp grey claws burst through Woody’s chest. They carve through muscle and flesh, and crush his bones as easily as if they were toothpicks.

A little more on the cons of this book, it was very simple. I mean that in every way, writing, plot, characters. I read it in a little under 48 hrs and I could feel something was missing. The suspense was there but it grew stagnant as the same things happened over and over.

Still I would recommend this book as a quick fun read


Motherhood in a Digital Age, the village behind the key board.

We live in an age where we can get answers to all of our questions in the blink of an eye, or a click of a mouse. Google is an amazing tool and social media sites now offer a way to get recommendations from friends, family, people in your area as well as around the world. We share our knowledge with others, post picture, write whatever we want, seeking comments and approval on what we make public. We have a village of people at our fingertips.

Being a mother is the most rewarding, beautiful, tiring, stressful, joyous, complicated thing in my life. No easy task when you have two kids and two jobs. I remember when i first got pregnant, i’m not proud but in no way ashamed to say i am a young mother (first bundle of joy at 18), but i remember people always having something to say or have an input on how to be a parent. I’m a firm believer that it takes a village to raise an amazing village but boy boy boy, this new village is harsh!

There are so many helpful tip’s i received from other mommies that have saved my day.. and night. I remember a friend on Facebook giving great advise about teething babies and freezing pacifier’s that worked amazing! Great soaps and lotions to soothe my sons horrible eczema. I even found a friend who i could just vent to about not being able to POOP alone anymore. Strangers and family member’s who can give you a boost in your spirit when your not feeling the most adequate is important, I LOVE THIS VILLAGE WITH ALL MY HEART.

But then.. there’s the other side. WE all know that one person who believes their way is the ONLY way, and if your not doing it the same you are WRONG. Mommy jacker’s trying to steal the spot light. Its super irritating to get belittles about what you do especially by others on how you raise your family. It almost feels like a war zone, navigating on social media is like navigating through a land mine at times. You’ll never know outlandish thing someone might post, or the judgement that is about to be thrown upon you by some rando for saying ‘you can’t take another sleepless night’. There’s an undisclosed competition some bitter mommies like to play with themselves without even knowing it, dragging others into the fire without even asking. Some of the same mothers advocating “NO BULLYING” to turn around and tear another mother down was shocking and hypocritical at first. Learning the true art of the “unfriend” and “block” button will do you good, it sure did me.

There is more than one way to parent, and every child responds differently to different style’s. Only YOU know what your child needs and works for them. Babies don’t come with instruction manuals, and no matter how many books you read, you will never know what your dealing with until your dealing with it right then and there. SMILE. You’re doing a fantastic job.

Word press is amazing, i ran across another blog that i thought fit so good with what i wanted to write about. Visit this link to read on postpartum depression, don’t let the village keep you down let it guide you ❤

The Suicide Tree – Book review!

Good books really have a way of finding me, and this is another one added to the shelf of great reads.

I am so happy i found Shayla Raquel, author of The Suicide Tree, on instagram. She was on of the first writers i followed when starting my “bookstagram” account a month ago and fell upon her AMAZING NOVEL!. I mean really guys, this book was intriguing from beginning to end with no lag in the middle.

The name of the book “The Suicide Tree” threw me for a loop in terms of what i was expecting the book to be about (yea i could have read the back but i like a little of a surprise). The title is very fitting and unique, by the second chapter i screamed ‘BINGO’.

Knox Kevel has gone through an horrific event that no person should have to go endure… losing both his parents on the same day, watching it live on television, and watching their name get dragged through the mud. This hacker is talented no doubt , he hadn’t received the “scientist gene” from his parents, but he received the wit, talent and determination. Knox finds himself in trouble with the law. As a mysterious man waltzes into his life with half a million dollars and the power to get Knox out of his sticky situation, he dives into the opportunity, into a new life… with none of the major details disclosed about his new employer. Knox and his new gang embark on their journey for the truth, hunting down the devil herself, and uncovering answers he’s been so desperately seeking.

My parents, who were pure geniuses, created a tiny pink pill that could stop people from choking on their own blood, but chose not to let a single soul have it.

Knox Kevel

This book was amazing, the scenes were so vivid it was more like watching a film than reading a book. The Suicide Tree was full of suspense, closer to the end it got intense with thrill and horror. I knew a dark twist was coming but i didnt think it would be THAT dark.. i say that in the best way possible, it was exactly what the book needed to finish as strong as it started!

I hope you take the time to pick up this book and share the experience with me

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Bill Hodges Trilogy: by Stephen King – Book Review

I took a hiatus from social media for a while but recently got back into twitter, the writing community is one of my favorites there. Today i seen a tweet asking “What was the first book that made you fall in love with reading?” Instantly i thought of the Bill Hodges trilogy.

I’ve read a lot of books even as a tiny teen, TV wasn’t much of an option with 6 siblings fighting over TV time so Stephen King was my refugee. Being a favored author of mine i jumped at every book he put out. This Trilogy was the tipping point of the ice berg to make me talk non-stop about fictional character’s to people who didn’t even like reading. I believed, and still believe that even if you are not some one who like’s to read, you will certainly find the love of reading through these books.

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A dark, twisted, beguiling thriller. Mr. Mercedes had me shuddering from the very beginning. The depraved scenes that caught my attention were exactly what i was hoping for in a Stephen King Novel. As Bill Hodges obsession with capturing nemesis Brady Hartsfield grows, so does your’s. With the perfectly woven moments between the two, setting up all your hopes then heart breathtakingly tearing them down. Brady seemingly getting away with his heinous acts needs more. Tantalizing Detective Hodges until he has no choice but to do the right thing, knowing hes the only who has a shot at stopping him. When he gets involved, he will stop at nothing to bring down Brady. The race against the clock has started because Hartfield’s will stop at nothing to make a name for himself.

5 stars – loved this book! i really didn’t think it could get any better.. and then i found out there was more books.

Finders Keeper (Part 2 of the Bill Hodges trilogy)

I actually read this series out of order and still loved this book. It was amazing by itself, seeing repeat characters is the cherry on top. After reading the 1st part of the series (second) it made even more sense and was even more exciting.

Brady Hartsfield’s first act of terror killed many people and crippled the a city that was already going through a financial crisis, only adding more fuel to fire for families, especially Pete Saubers.
Morris Bellamy is set to be released from prison soon, a day every prisoner is hopeful for, but unlike other prisoners, Bellamy will be going home to his hidden treasure… or so he thinks.
Pete Saubers, a bright student with a bright future knows college is a far sight with the financial troubles his family is going through, college might be but a dream, until he stumbles on a gold mine.
Now its Pete and his families live’s that are on the line that Bill Hodges and his idiosyncratic team have to save from the vengeful, menacing Morris.

Honestly if i could rate this book a 10 it would, it deserved more than 5 stars and is going down as one of my favorite books. ❤

The End of Watch (3rd book in the Bill Hodges trilogy

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-2.jpeg

You would think after being knocked into a vegetative state, where doctors say full recovery is slim to none, Brady Hartsfield’s reign of terror would be over. But it is just a new beginning. Stephen King brings the super natural, thrilling nature out of this crime novel full storm. Although on the outside, Brady seems done for, he is still in there. Mind strong and working diligently to finish what he started. If Bill Hodges and his gang don’t figure out something it will be their lives and the lives of children on the line. The mind is a powerful tool, this is heavily prevalent with the “End Of Watch”. Seeing the evil that lies behind the mind and influences that cause destruction.

By the sea
By the sea
By the beautiful sea
You and me 
You and me 
Oh how happy we’ll be

I did really like this book, and i gave the 1st two 5 stars… but 4.5 stars just because the ending wasn’t as great to me!! It got a little dull at times but was still amazing. ❤ Stephen king is a genius.

These books have a place high on my book shelf and i hope you take the time to read and love them too!

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